Prof. Dr. Arzu Oğuz

Professor Born in Merzifon on 03.08.1963. Dr. Arzu Oğuz graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1986 after completing his primary and secondary education in Çankırı and high school education in Ankara Anıttepe High School. Professor Dr. Arzu Oğuz completed his master's degree in Private Law at Ankara University Institute of Social Sciences between 1987-1989.

Having started his academic career at Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1988, Oğuz returned to Germany from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, where she went on a scholarship to pursue a doctorate.

Professor Dr. While Arzu Oğuz was working as a Research Assistant in Ankara University Faculty of Law, Department of Roman Law, she was appointed as Assistant Professor on 20.04.1998, Assistant Professor on 20.12.1999, and Associate Professor on 12.03.2002. She was appointed as Associate Professor in the Comparative Law Department, which was established at the Faculty of Law, and has been working as a Professor and Head of the Department since 2005.

Professor Dr. Arzu Oğuz teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in law faculties of Public and Foundation Universities, which are established in many parts of the country. In addition, Prof. Dr. Oğuz has been to the United States, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom many times to conduct research and conferences.

Professor Dr. Arzu Oğuz is a member of the Turkish-German Lawyers Association (Türkisch-Deutsch Juristenvereinigung) and was the President of the Association of Higher Education in Germany (AYÖG) between 2007 and 2011.

Professor Dr. Since 2011, Arzu Oğuz has been working as a Patent and Trademark Attorneys Sector Assembly Academic Advisor operating under TOBB.

Professor Dr. Oğuz also serves as a member of the Intellectual Property Academy, established by the Turkish Trademark and Patent Corporation.

Oğuz, who was a member of the Faculty Board of Ankara University, Erasmus Coordinator, Board Member of Student Houses, served as the Dean of Ankara University Faculty of Law between 31.12.2012-31.12.2015. Oğuz still serves as the Director of Intellectual and Industrial Rights Research and Application Center of Ankara University and is the Head of Ankara University Faculty of Law Comparative Law Department.

Professor Dr. Arzu Oğuz is currently registered with the Ministry of Justice Mediation Register and has been awarded a certificate by attending the "International Mediation" course organized by the "Association for International Arbitration" in Brussels in August 2013. Oğuz, who is also registered with the Vienna Arbitration Center, works as the "trusted lawyer" of the Austrian Trade Center in Ankara and was awarded the "Science and Art Order" by the Austrian State on 11 December 2015.

Professor Dr. Oğuz is also a member of Oğuz Hukuk Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. Provides legal consultancy services in the field of economic law.

Professor Dr. Commercial contract law, health law, liability compensation law, energy law, intellectual property rights, commercial arbitration, commercial mediation are among the priorities of the fields of work within the Consulting Company that Oğuz is the founder of.